Long ago, I went to warTo fight the scourgeOf ChristendomI held aloft my blessed swordAnd said,“By God,Let them come.”They said their eyes Are red as flameI heard it told From hell they cameTheir breath is fireTheir tongues are forkedThus are the beastsOf Dragon’s Gate.I heard my father’s wordsDeep in my heart“Son, know your enemyAs I know my son.”The Fates were kindThey let me inThe dragon’s lairThe den of sinI placed my sword upon its heart and with a prayer I thrust it in.The dragon fell Upon the groundTwas then I heard A whimpering soundA dragonlingTo his father clungWho only foughtTo protect his youngI heard my father’s words Deep in my heart.“Son know your enemyAs I know my son”And now my son Is off to warTo fight the new scourgeOf ChristendomHe holds aloft his brazen swordAnd says“Dad, Let them come”He swears their eyes are red as flameAnd heard it told From hell they cameTheir breath is fire Their tongues are forked thusAre the men of Muslim faithSon, hear you father clear deep in your heart“Son, know your enemy As I would have them know My son.”