You should know that I love youI cant help but fall for youOh honey Im just a foolNow you knowDarling, Ill never be trueYou see, for so long I was blueIm not the lonley oneAnd if I hurt, then you would tooOh honey I always loseNow you knowLover, when will youIm afraid no one willLover, cant find youI swear to god dont leave me hereNow you knowOnly you know it cant beWhen no one else really means Anything to meIf you hurt insideIf you confide in me againSince you ran awayHold me now, tell me howNothings lostLover, when will youIm so afraid no one willLover cant find youAnd no one knows what brings us hereLoverHold me nowHold me nowTell me howNothings lost