In the church one day you’ll get hurtIn the school teachers such a foolAnd if they would ever come round hereThey would ever comeBlame it on my styleTake a pillDont tell me how to feelBad news and tunesSing it from the highSinging some sad songUncle Sam, playing in the sandUnderstand, hold my handTime is never gonna stop runningNever gonna stopTake me to the topOf the treesDont take me for a cracked window paneBad news and tunesAre shining from the highSinging some sad songDont rehearse, this is the last verseIn the hearse, going through your purseAnd if they would ever laugh, not hereThey would ever laughBlame it on my style, once againDont take me for a rideIn the rainBad news and tunesShining from the highSinging some sad song