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Начало  Търсачка  Форум  Чат Изпрати Текст  Вход Регистрация Търсачка Форум » Нови мнения » Заявки за текстове » Заявки за превод Изпрати текст Приятелски сайтове Връзка с нас Нови мнения - форум гледания: 648, популярност: 17 2pac и Eazy-E и Ice Cube - Real Thugs YouTube изпратено от: bobi_eminem езици: Английски [Eazy-E] Aw yeah, let's take a trip Just sit back and light a spliff with this and don't slip On a funky-dope track jump back Strapped with a fat boota sack and a 7-8 flak Come clean, gangsta lean, I got green But I serve dubs like it ain't no thing It's so sweet, when you got money to spend I got a proper big tilt and a fly-ass Benz I make ends, spend my dough on no ho That's how it is, and that's how it goes Act like ya know when I creep real slow Givin love to them playaz that I know is real g's [2Pac] Mobbin' like a muthafucker stuck Can you put your middle finger out the window gettin' fucked off - liquor Get loaded can't control it niggaz pass me the b…
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